Help Stop Hunger
Your donation to Needy
Basket will help supply emergency food to those who need it now and all year long. Serving Tipp City, Bethel & Monroe Townships
If your family is hungry, we can help. We give food away. Call us (937-667-1977), check us out online (, or stop by our food pantry in Tipp City when we're open: 

Monday: 10:00 am to Noon

Wednesday: 10:00 am to Noon

Thursday: 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm (Note: changing to 3:30 to 5:30 pm starting September 1)

In July, the Needy Basket served 89 client families comprised of 82 children, 114 adults, and 62 senior citizens. That's down 42 families and 147 individuals compared to June last year. We attribute the majority of the reduction to the Tip Top Canning Co closure because their seasonal workers (previous clients)  are no longer in our area. We also believe the Government's unemployment benefit of $600 a week reduced the immediate need and that people were still concerned about catching the corona virus, and stayed away, even though there is virtually no interaction between our clients and our volunteers. Still, we distributed about 29,000 lbs of food in July. We also received over 18,000 lbs of donated food from our Shared Harvest Food Bank partner. If you know families that are struggling, please tell them about us. Suggest they call us. If they live in Tipp City, Monroe Township, or Bethel Township and meet the income requirements of twice the poverty level by family size, we can help.

Here's a special thanks to the Tipp City Foundation for a grant donation supporting our annual Holiday Program through its Teens Impacting and Promoting Philanthropy (T.I.P.P.) program. It may be 90 degrees now, but Christmas planning is right around the corner! Thanks to the Tipp City Foundation for your continuing support! Also, Meijer, Inc. has decided to support the Needy Basket through its Simply Give Program again this year. Donations sent to us by September 11, will be double matched up to $10,000 for food purchases. Thanks to the Tipp City Foundation; Meijer, Inc; and to all of our supporters who donate and help our friends and families in need.

Remember, if you need food, we can help!