Hello! This is the Needy Basket report for March 2019. Last month was relatively quiet, cold and snowy. During February, the Needy Basket distributed about 27,600 lbs of food and related household items to 114 families including 106 children, 62 senior citizens, and 166 adults.  


Also during February, we received  2,900 lbs of donated food. Individuals donated about 420 lbs, schools and churches about 74 lbs, and businesses donated about 2,474 lbs of food. Thanks to all!


Finally, if you happen to stop at Menard's this month, don't be surprised if you are asked about donating some food items at the checkout counter. Menard's is holding their annual food drive throughout March and needy citizens in our local community are the beneficiaries. So, if you can, please donate to help the folks who need food assistance this winter. It'll warm your heart until spring arrives! Thank you!