Hello! This is the Needy Basket report for November 2019. In October, the Needy Basket distributed about 30,000 lbs of food and related sundry items to 119 families including 122 children, 68 senior citizens, and 178 adults; that's 368 people! Also during October, we received almost 13,000 lbs of donated food. Individuals donated about 390 lbs, schools and churches 160 lbs, and businesses about 180 lbs of food. Shared Harvest, our partner food bank, donated over 12,000 lbs of food! Thanks to everyone who donated for their generous support!


After the busy Mum Festival weekend, we took a breath and began detailed planning for our December Holiday Program. We also began ordering the food items and will soon be assembling and filling hundreds of boxes for delivery on December 14th. Applications for the Holiday Program have been arriving and the last official date for submitting an application is November 25, 2019. If you are eligible, want to check to see if you are eligible, or slightly behind in applying, call us at (937) 667-1977 as soon as possible during our regular open hours. We'll see what we can do. Finally, we placed red barrels around town for Christmas food or toy donations. Please fill them up if you can!


A final reminder that beginning January 1, 2020, the Needy Basket will be open from 10:00 AM to Noon on Monday, 10:00 until Noon on Wednesday, and 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM on Thursday! This change will help us more closely align volunteer availability with client needs and pantry operations. That's it for now. As always, thanks to our many volunteers and supporters for their time and resources! We and the many families we serve certainly appreciate it. Thank you!