Hello! This is the Needy Basket report for January 2019. Last month was quite busy, but thanks to our many hard working, dedicated volunteers, we made it! During December, the Needy Basket provided and distributed over five tons of food and age appropriate gifts for kids to 206 families in our local service area. In addition, we provided food to an additional 94 families throughout the month including 101 children, 53 senior citizens, and 172 adults. For the entire year, the Needy Basket, sometimes in conjunction with other service agencies, provided over 330,000 lbs. of food to fill over 1,350 requests for food that benefited 4,400 family members in our service area. Thank you all!  


Also during December, we received 12,841 lbs. of donated food. That's a lot of food! Individuals donated 890 lbs., schools and churches donated 4,206 lbs., and businesses and organizations donated 7,745 lbs. For the entire year, we received over 100,000 lbs. of donated food. Thank you all again!


We know very well that we couldn't have helped anyone over the past year without the tremendous generosity of the many people, businesses, and organizations in our Tipp City, Monroe Township, and Bethel Township community. From the Tipp City Foundation and the Paul G. Duke Foundation, to our school students and church congregations, to the folks who stop by to donate garden vegetables and $20, we thank you so very much. That said, we're clearing the decks for another year of charitable activity. In spite of the robust economic growth experienced in many parts of our state and nation, the number of families supported in our service area only declined 2% from 2017 levels. Also, the number of visits per family increased from 3.7 to 4.0 times a year. Fewer families seeking assistance more often. It's a wash and the beat goes on. Thank you!