Happy New Year! This is the Needy Basket report for January 2020! Last December the Needy Basket distributed about 24,000 lbs of food to 91 families including 91 children, 53 senior citizens, and 128 adults; that's 272 people! Also in December, we received over 15,000 lbs of donated food from individuals (over 2,500 lbs), schools and churches (about 4,500 lbs), and businesses (about 8,500 lbs). The big donors for December were the folks who donated at the Tipp Monroe Community Services “Breakfast with Santa” event, folks who dropped food into our red donation barrels scattered around town, Bethel High and Middle Schools, Broadway, Nevin Coppock, and L.T. Ball Schools,  Bowman and Landes, Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry, the Meijer Distribution Center, and the Tippecanoe High School Senate. Thanks to everyone who donated for their generous support!