Hello! This is the Needy Basket report for March 2020. Last month, the Needy Basket distributed about 28,000 lbs of food to 104 families comprised of 115 children, 58 senior citizens, and 157 adults; that's 330 people. Also in February, we received over 12,500 lbs of donated food from individuals (785 lbs), schools and churches (26 lbs), Shared Harvest Food Bank (over 11,500 lbs), and organizations (about 200 lbs). Thanks to everyone who donated for their generous support!


The biggest news in March has been the arrival of the Coronavirus in Ohio. So far, food requests have remained relatively stable, but we anticipate increased demand for food because of school closings and business layoffs. We are coordinating with Tipp Monroe Community Services to provide food for early implementation of the their summer Lunch On Us Program. We are also adjusting our client sign-in process to resemble the old drive-in restaurant format; stay in your car and we'll come to you. We are still working things out, but think the new approach will be much safer for our senior volunteers and clients. So please bear with us!


In financial news, we recently received a generous donation specifically designated to increase our frozen food handling capacity. As a result, we have two new freezer units that add capacity and replace some aging, less energy efficient units. Finally, as noted previously, we expect food demand to increase because new families need help and/or existing client families ask for help more frequently during the Coronavirus crisis. Either way, meeting increased demand will require increased donations of food and money. So please remember the Needy Basket as we help our neighbors through this crisis. As always, thanks to our many community volunteers and supporters for their time and resources! We and the many families we serve certainly appreciate it. Thank you!